What your dream can be

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We will turn your dreams into life:


Hi, I’m Nathan Sehl, and it’s a pleasure to meet you; and to work with you on renovating your home to fit your dreams for the future.

Part of the problem when renovating is how removed the decision-making process is from how you live; and what you’re building toward. Looking at different patterns of different stones without any context just gets boring; tedious; and it feels like the dream you started out with begins slipping away instead of becoming more solid the more you talk about it.

I share in your vision. When I walk into a home and begin planning for a renovation, it’s with the dreams of the family that lives there in mind. This isn’t just throwing down slabs of stone – these stones will be a part of your life for as long as the building stands. If these counters could talk!

It’s hard to see, when you’re standing in a store, how a pattern of marble can change the way a room talks to your visitors. Even looking at photos of a sample kitchen or bathroom doesn’t really do it – this is YOUR home; not a model home!

I want you to be so satisfied with the work that I do that when I’m done, it’s an image of exactly what was in your head.

That’s why I’ve chosen to work with Midas Virtual; and to bring their skills directly to you. This is an image of a counter I recently installed. But what if you wanted to know what it would look like in a different color?


Midas Virtual uses computer technology to create your home as a virtual living space; so that we can adjust without doing the work; and show you what the rooms will look like before we even begin.

Are you planning an even bigger renovation? No problem – with Midas Virtual we can knock out walls; add rooms; even change the style you decorate in to show you how our work will meld into your dreams.

I’m including some pictures of the same kitchen with one alteration – a different countertop – so you can see how Midas can work for you when you make decisions about your renovations. These are simple ones – in a mostly-empty kitchen – just to give you an idea of the beginnings of what we can do.

If you choose to use Midas, it comes with a guarantee of our work – the room will look just like the images we showed you; or we will reinstall the work again.

I am ready to be your partner – are you ready to start on your dreams?